"As a modern day business, we need to realize we are NOT selling a product but rather an experience."
-Rod Page
Sales: Rod Page, Rod@winesynergy.com
Tech Support: Kendrick Page, Kendrick@winesynergy.com

What is an App?

A mobile App is a tool that is loaded on your phone or tablet device much like a CD or DVD; it gives the user an interface to directly interact with your business. It offers the industries most robust user experiences and superior graphics stored locally on their phone or tablet.  

Our Commitment

WineSynergy’s mobile marketing goal is to focus on providing cost-effective mobile marketing tools. From the iPhone and iPad to Android, all platforms can be supported with our products. Our commitment is to put you and your business far ahead of any competitors by placing you in front of more customers on the devices they access the most “Their Phones!” We are looking to forge a synergistic relationship with you to build your brand(s) and give you the tools to do this as well as analytically measure your success!

  • Passion...we all as wine drinkers share this one trait. We are passionate about how our wine taste, what it cost and what we pair it with. Even whom we share it with! The modern day wine drinker isn't drinking for the dreamy alcoholic buzz. No, we want an experience! We desire a moment to treasure with friends, family or our lover. We want to be educated about the wines and feel valued as a customer because our loyalty is valuable and we know it!

  • WineSynergy Apps let you the wine maker deliver to the consumer what they most desire...a moment to remember. We will connect the wine with its best/favorite recipe, the recipe that is enhanced by the wine as well as accentuates the wine's more subtle attributes. The recipes are our added value to the customer. The historical notes, anecdotes and recipes only add to the customer's feeling of appreciation and build the most desired response of all...Brand Loyalty!
"There is just no way any management with any intelligence and foresight cannot recognize the value of a corporate image. It is the best, single marketable investment that a company can make." 
- Malcom Forbes
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